Private Acres Banquet Facility

1451 Witt LN Scranton, SC 29591

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Nikki Simonds:

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Built (Year):
Parking Spaces:
100 or more
Hours of Operation:
until 1am
Number of Rooms:
1 guest room in main house for bride & groom changing only
Onsite Coordinator:
Rentals Rates:
$1750.00 includes tent 106x76 -tables 30 72"rounds - 240 white chairs- linens (white) 2 bathrooms inside adjacent building- trash & clean up afterward- hotel pans/sterno if needed- bartender.
Cancellation Policy:
30 days notice
Special Packages:
extra packages - white dinnerware, silverware, water glasses - cheese trays - chocolate fountain tray etc.

Questions and Answers

What is your customer satisfication cancellation policy?

we ask for a 30 day cancellation notice. Verifyable problems excluded such as health, accident etc..

What are your standard payment terms? How much is the deposit?

Cash the evening before the affair. Deposit is $250.00 to hold the date..

Do you have an in-house wedding coordinator? Will they services be included or extra charge?

yes.. and no, we can help you coodinate the whole wedding from start to finish if you'd like. We have been doing weddings for 16 years..

How many hours can we use the facility? What is the hourly charge for additional hours

4 to 5 hours is included in the regular fee. After that, we have to pay overtime for our helpers so we charge a minimal extra amount of $50 per hour. .

Are there any restrictions as to the type of decorations or how they can be put up?

You just can't attach anything to the vinyl of the tent. You may use center square poles or round poles etc but please ask before hand so we know how things are being attached..


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