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445 Farrington Street St. Paul, MN 55103

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Sosan Flynn:

Experience: 9 year(s)

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For those wanting a mindful, spiritual component to their wedding, I will help you plan and customize your ceremony, to make it uniquely your own. Pre-marriage counseling available.

Questions and Answers

What makes you different from other local wedding officiants? Why should someone hire you?

As a Zen Priest, I am skilled at being in the moment and this makes me an excellent choice for facilitating a ceremony. I am able to help couples and their guests be fully present for this, one of the most important ceremonies of their lives. I can listen to your needs and desires and help you craft a ceremony that expresses your true selves..

What are your standard payment terms?

50% of the $450 base fee at the time of booking. Balance due on the wedding day. However, I am willing to work other payment plans or considering fee reductions or barters..

What is your customer satisfication cancellation policy?

I have never had this issue come up with the 50 couples I have worked with over the past 9 years. If a couple was dissatisfied with my work and wanted to cancel, I would be willing to refund the whole amount..

What is your event cancellation policy?

I ask for a deposit of $225 when you want to secure the date with me. If you cancel after I have already worked on the script and done a lot of preparation, that deposit is not refundable. If we haven't done much beyond the initial meeting, then all but $50 would be refunded..

How far are you willing to travel? Is there a travel fee?

I am willing to travel. If the location is more than a 45 minute drive from St. Paul, I do charge a travel fee equivalent to 50 cents per round trip mile plus $25 per hour of travel time. So, if your location was 60 miles from St. Paul, that typically would work out to about $105 (120 miles RT x .50/mile + 2 hours x $25/hour)..


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Sosan did a wonderful job as the officiant at our wedding. She also provided pre-marital counseling which my wife and I found extremely helpful. Everything went very smooth during our wedding. Sosan did such a great job helping us plan, organize, and execute the ceremony. She had wonderful suggestions but was very flexible with our particular style. My wife and I felt that we were in good hands for the big day. We were able to have peace of mind knowing that Sosan had officiated at Como before and was able to guide us into the start of our new lives. I highly recommend Sosan to anyone for both pre-marital counseling and as a wedding officiant.

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