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How many months in advance do I need to reserve your services for my wedding date?

The earlier the better to ensure date availability. The minimum advance notice I would need would be 7-10 days. .

What are your standard payment terms?

1/3 to reserve your date, balance due 7 days prior to wedding. If you book with photo 1/3 of total due to reserve, 1/3 7 days prior, final 1/3 due when all items are ready (approximately 8-10 weeks after wedding date)..

What is your customer satisfication cancellation policy?

Customer satisfaction is my top priority and if any issues arise I will make every attempt to resolve any issues to ensure satisfaction with service and products..

What is your event cancellation policy?

To secure your date, 1/3 deposit of package is required which is non refundable, however in the event of cancellation you may use reservation amount towards any other service Kreativ Imaging provides (photography, vidography, graphic design, web design, etc.)..

Will you attend the rehearsal? the rehearsal dinner?

Either myself or one of my crew will attend the rehearsal. If rehearsal dinner coverage is needed special arrangements can be made..

Will I get the master tape? How many copies come with the package?

Some packages include master or raw footage. All original master tapes remain property of the studio. Typically only one copy of raw footage is included depending on the package..

Who exactly will be shooting my video? Do you use subcontractors?

I am your primary videographer if I am not already booked for photography. If I am not available I have a team of 3 other videographers that have been with my company for over 3 years..

Is editing included in the standard package? If extra, how much is the cost?

Yes editing is included in all packages. You can custom build packages with no editing for a reduced rate if you wish..

What other services or special effects do you offer? How much is the cost?

All special effects and titling are included in packages. Love story montages are available starting at $150. We will accommodate special requests for just about any video or photo service..

Can I have my wedding on DVD? Is this included in the standard package or an extra charge? How much?

A minimum of 1 DVD is included with all packages. Most packages include 3, extras can be purchased for $25..

How would you describe your style -- cinematic, documentary, or a mix of both?

My style is a combination of both, leaning more towards cinematic..

What kind of lighting do you use? Why did you choose this equipment?

I use a variety of lighting from on camera to off camera. Most of the time I try and use natural light for a more natural look, however for very low lit venues we will add additional light so you get a crisp and clear video..

What type of camera(s) do you use? Why did you choose this equipment?

I uses all professional Panasonic cameras. The color is fantastic and the the ability to shoot in 24p to create a more cinematic look was my deciding factor..

How many cameras do you use? Do you bring backup equipment?

I will use 2 min for ceremony, up to 4. For Reception or other parts of the day it ranges between 1-3 cameras. However what ever the venue requires I will ensure there are enough vantage points covered. I would much rather have to many than not enough..

How many wedding videos do you typically produce at a time? How many weddings do you work each year?

Usually produce one video at a time with a max of 3 at the same time. We shoot over 40 weddings a year combined with the photo side of the business..

What makes you different from other local videographers? Why should someone hire you?

My approach to video is artistic much like my photography. Although I am going for a cinematic approach my crew is very unobtrusive to the point you hardly know we are there. I capture events as they unfold and let the artistic vision develop behind the lens rather than have a bunch of staged or forced moments. .

How many months in advance do I need to reserve your services for my wedding date?

To ensure your date availability, the sooner the better. However you can book anytime providing my calendar is open. .

Who exactly will be taking pictures at my wedding? Do you use subcontractors?

Currently I am the sole photographer. However, as my staff grows you will always meet with the photographer that will be taking your photographs during your consultation to prior to booking. .

What are your standard payment terms? How much is the deposit?

1/3 of total package reserves your date. Balance due on or any time before wedding date. .

What is your event cancellation policy?

You can cancel at any time however your first reservation deposit is non-refundable. I do however provide a studio credit in the deposit amount to be used towards any other studio service available..

What is your customer satisfication cancellation policy?

My goal is always to deliver the very best services and products to ensure your complete satisfaction. In the event of any issues I will work diligently to resolve any problems..

What is included in your basic wedding packages?

I try and provide packages customized to your needs, therefore packages vary..

Can guests view and order shots on-line? How soon will the photos be put on-line?

Yes, all guest can view and order online. Images are posted within 30 days of event.

Will you be taking digital photographs? Is there an extra charge for this service?

Yes I will be taking digital, no extra charge..

What new ideas have you implemented in the last couple years? Are you current with latest trends?

I am always exploring new ways to shoot a scene, from experimenting with angles, elevations, perspectives, composition and more as I try to deliver a unique view of your day. I am constantly educating myself with the latest photographic technology, techniques, products, and trends in an effort to deliver dynamic services.


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